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anxiety 02:17
i dont want this shit to get a hold on me keep looking over my shoulder grateful for a hopeful perspective it helps me be alright but now i cant decide that i dont want to feel paralysed with fear that makes me desire normality try to challenge but i just want to get away but now i'm back inside this place ??? ??? ??? awe at this structure i dig my heels in to smash this repetition you make me fight and want to stay you may be fine i don't want to stay
work-shy 03:36
i am not a job title i am so much more we are not work-shy we just need something to work for hurry up do something with your life dont fuck up just work and sleep and die what makes you think you're so special there is nothing worth fighting for this time whats it worth in living if i've lost what i stand for?
internet 02:57
offered up my friends offered up shared histories i've offered up it all laid bare for all to see don't need to worry about if they're watching me watching it over and over again
jobsworth 03:34
i have forgotten who i was before i have lost my humanity to the company my own autonomy terrifies me i can't live life without fear of reprisal i've no control anymore spite trickles down from the top and i can't remember how it feels and i don't remember how to feel anymore
fake outrage 03:29
fake your outrage for all to see change nothing that you do cos they're the problem not you narcissistic false sympathy no justice no peace there's no warmth where they sleep
this empty space made soulless and grey transpose the living but it won't stick there's no life here it's artificial out in the cold we're on our own knock it down build something new knock it down there's nothing new break it down build something new build it up


kinshot was a band that existed in the years 2013-15.
We took influence from classic "emotional hardcore" from the late 80s and 90s.
In true emo form we recorded these songs and then promptly broke up.


released November 9, 2019

Recorded by Phil Booth at JT Soar, Nottingham.
Mastered by Joe Caithness at his own Mastering studio, Nottingham.
Thanks to Phil and Joe for their advice and support throughout the process.
The artwork is from the painting "A Field in England" by Lucy Gooch.

Ruth, James and John wrote played and sang these songs.


all rights reserved



Kinshot London, Ohio

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